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Uprooted Anthony J. Rapino


Anthony J. Rapino

Published March 2011
32 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Three short stories - from three different phases of Mr. Rapinos career - Uprooted is a look at love, pain, loss, and connections. Connections between people, between worlds, between things - even connections between connections are glimpsed here.The collection starts out with the longest and the centerpiece - Uprooted. Its a tale of what holds us together, what can take us apart - and the strangely simple, little things that make the whole thing worthwhile. Rapino is especially effective at luring the readers imagination down the routes he suggests - sending wafting, smokey tendrils down a path that the reader travels in their own mind before realizing that Rapino has them helplessly lost in the maze-like confines of their own sense of self.It might be some time before you make it out again, so leave some breadcrumbs!Retired is an older piece, and here again the fates of the characters seem so hideously predetermined - the sense of characters struggling to understand why they do things they know to be wrong creates a feeling of being drawn along a hideous river, powerless to fight the current.Just Once More, Little Sister is a wryly amusing yet dark tale with a beautifully lyrical title culled from its beautifully lyrical prose. Its always funny and beautiful when something that should be awful is a happy, storybook ending.Rapino is one to watch - hes going places and these are some of the places he has already been. Check it out while you can still feel special for liking him and say things like -I- read Rapino back in his UPROOTED days to prove your worth among lesser men.