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Disappear (Lust at Sea, #1) Cameo Brown

Disappear (Lust at Sea, #1)

Cameo Brown

Published 2008
55 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In 1046, a Viking ship called Sea Mist sank beneath the churning waves of the North Sea during a gale. In 2008, an enchanted cruise ship, The Mist of the Seas, surfaces in the Caribbean just in time for its maiden voyage. Filled with clueless humans, a frustrated warrior-witch, a shape-shifting warlock, an intergalactic warrior-witch-training cannibal, and one very horny lemur, the voyage will offer two of the ship’s otherworldly passengers the chance of a lifetime.Lorelei, a beautiful warrior-witch who denies her heritage, steps on The Mist of the Seas hoping for nothing more than sun, fun, and romance. What she gets is an unexpected visit from a dream lover.Maxim, a shape-shifting warlock trapped in the dream dimension, can’t resist the tempting warrior-witch who makes him feel like a man again. He helps Lorelei explore her every carnal desire. Unfortunately, a price must be paid for Maxim’s release, and only by embracing who she really is can Lorelei save her dream lover -- and herself -- from an eternity apart.