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Haven of Evil Melvin Rivers

Haven of Evil

Melvin Rivers

256 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

After floodwaters destroyed Kevin and Sandra Wilsons home, Kevins mother-in-law, Katherine Ford, referred him to Marge Crabtree, a rental agent who had a house for rent in a town called Havenville. On their way to meet with Marge Crabtree, Kevin swerved his car to keep from hitting a mysterious elderly woman who was standing in the road. Settled in his new home, Kevin decided to go on a walk to check out his new neighborhood one day. He saw the elderly woman he had almost hit a week earlier. He followed her and came upon a hill. He climbed the hill and was attacked by hawks. Battling off the birds, he fell down the hill and got his leg caught in an animal trap near a cemetery. An elderly man named Walter Morris stumbled upon him. The man drove him home. Inside the house, Kevin was pushed into a room by an unseen force. He heard a demonic-sounding voice while inside the room. He assumed the voice wasnt real and thought he was going insane. During the following weeks, Kevin was visited by an evil entity who wanted him dead, people close to him and Sandra became victims of unexplained deaths, and Sandra went mad with murderous intentions. He would soon learn disturbing secrets about the mysterious elderly woman, Marge Crabtree, Walter Morris, and the evil that resided inside the house.