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The Perfect Date R.L. Stine

The Perfect Date

R.L. Stine

Published January 1st 1996
ISBN : 9780606097413
147 pages
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 About the Book 

I read this book a while back, so I decided to review it. While the book was overall pretty good, there were some flaws I found in it. Ill explain those later on.The basic plot is that teenager Brady, still reeling from the grisly death of his girlfriend, Sharon, meets a beautiful girl named Rosha that he falls for hard. She seems perfect. But something isnt right. Terrible things happen when Rosha is around. And theres also a girl with a scarred face who Brady keeps seeing everywhere!The main problem I have with this book is the main character, Brady: He is not incredibly likeable. He isnt a complete train wreck of a character, but he is close to it. He lies to Allie to hang out with Rosha, a girl he barely knows, doesnt clue into the fact that something isnt right about Rosha even after the dozens of red flags, and he acts like a psychotic stalker throughout the entire book. It almost seems like HES going to be the villian!The ending, like most Fear Street books, is pretty good, even if this one doesnt really make much sense. (view spoiler)[ It doesnt explain at all how Rosha was able to swap spirits with the scarred girl. But the confrontationg between the two is pretty good, even if it is a little too graphically detailed. And the ending is kind of unoriginal, being borrowed from another Fear Street book, Night Games. (view spoiler)[ But despite all the negatives, this is a pretty good Fear Street book and is a nice read for fans of R.L Stine.Pros: The exciting conclusion.Cons: The unlikable main character and the rip-off, stupid ending. (hide spoiler)]