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Nitric Oxide in the Eye S. Kashii

Nitric Oxide in the Eye

S. Kashii

Published August 1st 2000
ISBN : 9784431679509
196 pages
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 About the Book 

The diverse roles in physiological function now attributed to nitric oxide include those it performs in the eye. In recent years this simple molecule has become the subject of increased attention among researchers and practitioners concerned with the eye. While most books in the field have concentrated on the pharmacology of NO in the central and peripheral nervous system or the cardiovascular system, the contents of this volume encompass all aspects of the eye and NO. With authors who are leading scientists worldwide, the major sections include reports of the latest research in the mechanism of ocular hypertension and glaucoma (aqueous dynamics), ocular autonomic neurotransmission (ocular bloodflow), and the pathophysiology of uveitis- the final section contains three chapters on the role of NO specific to the retina. This book is a valuable resource for researchers as well as for ophthalmologists and other practitioners interested in the role of NO in the eye.