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Real-Resumes for Students Anne McKinney

Real-Resumes for Students

Anne McKinney

Published April 3rd 2012
ISBN : 9781475093971
192 pages
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 About the Book 

The resumes of students are really different! Who else has job titles like Tutor, Camp Counselor, Lifeguard, Residence Hall Counselor, Intern, Student Teacher, Waitress, Sorority President, and Volunteer? How do you show clinical rotations and unpaid work experience on a resume? How can you use your achievements in high school to maximum advantage? How do you write an all-purpose resume and cover letter if you dont know what you want to do after graduation? The best way to ensure a distinguished career is to start out your career with the best first job after graduation. The theory behind the book is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and all resumes and cover letters shown in the book were handpicked. There are numerous resumes which illustrate how to show clinical rotations and internships on a resume, and the editor also gives insight into how to use volunteer work, work-study experience, and achievements to maximum advantage. The Table of Contents is designed to present actual resumes of real individuals with a wide range of interests ranging from accounting and computer programming, to sports administration and veterinary technology. A word of advice from Editor Anne McKinney: If you are a student trying to launch your career or get your first real job after graduation, you dont need just any resume book. You need a resume book specifically written for students! You will love this book targeted specifically to the needs of students. Every resume and cover letter we put in a Real-Resumes Series book has been tested and proven in the real job market. Dont play games with your career. Your choice of a resume book is one of the most important career decisions you will ever make. Praise for this book and other books in the Real-Resumes Series: Actual students resumes and cover letters, targeting specific career fields and needs, are the primary content of this book, which serves well as a guide to students seeking professional employment after graduation. The book illustrates how to highlight internships and clinical rotations on a resume, as well as volunteer experience and achievements. Student resumes can be difficult to write because they actually sell potential rather than experience, according to McKinney. - Baton Rouge Magazine Distinguished by its highly readable samples...essential for library collections. - Library Journal These excellent new guides dont just provide the usual coverage on how to write a resume. They provide industry-specific examples, industry-specific tips and cautions, and industry-specific strategies based on real-world resumes. Since many technical types arent writers, this comes as a special gift- select a winning format, plug in your background specs, and away you go. Its that easy--with Real-Resumes in hand.-- The Midwest Book Review Testimonials from people who have successfully used this book: I didnt know how to show my internships and tutoring experience until I saw the resumes in this book. S. Jenkins I was amazed that my experience as a waitress, tennis instructor, and camp counselor could be presented in a meaningful, professional manner by focusing on what I learned in those experiences and by emphasizing what I achieved through personal initiative. B. Bleo-Byford After using Real-Resumes techniques, I was able to created specialized cover letters targeting trade associations and financial institutions. R. Knowles I thought I didnt have much to put on a resume until the Real-Resumes Series showed me how to present my nonpaid leadership and volunteer experience. W. Gonzales