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Boots Beneath My Bed (Duty & Desire, #3) C.J. Pinard

Boots Beneath My Bed (Duty & Desire, #3)

C.J. Pinard

Kindle Edition
343 pages
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 About the Book 

Miranda Cates finally graduates from college and is excited to begin her dream career in law enforcement. After the final betrayal and heartbreak of her college boyfriend, Chris, she moves back home with a firm plan in place for her life.However, the life she has carefully mapped out for herself takes a serious left turn. Miranda finds she not only has to be strong for herself, but for the daughter who hadn’t been part of her plan.Determined to still believe in true love, life throws Miranda one more wicked curveball. She meets Jace Lawless, a hot minor league baseball player, whose warm aqua eyes and big dimple have her unraveling her carefully laid plans. A man who may be just be too good to be true.Boots Beneath My Bed (Mirandas Story) is book 3 in the Duty & Desire series, and while it is recommended to read the books in order, its not necessary.