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Bedtime for Meaghan Celi C. Camacho

Bedtime for Meaghan

Celi C. Camacho

Published August 4th 2008
ISBN : 9781605635279
36 pages
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 About the Book 

The night is still- itas time for bed. A mother putting her child to sleep recants childhood memories, attempting to make her own child sleepy. The child listens eagerly to stories of when her mother was her age. The mother describes her playful imagination and draws the child into that world. At first, the child finds it difficult to picture certain scenarios in her mind. With her motheras help, they manage to use their imagination in several ways: filling up with afloaty-aira (only attainable from yawning, of course), reaching up to catch a cloud (by stretching, naturally) and finally, finding a comfy spot to rest on. As a result, the child hugs her own pillow. The story ends as she is overcome with sleep. They bid each other goodnight as they do every night, the last line making humorous mention, aI guess pretending really is hard work after all.a